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Max Roofing offers a comprehensive range of exterior construction services, including roofing, soffit, and gutters. We work with residential clients in Chicago and the surrounding areas.


The structure of your home depends on the performance of your roofing system. When leaks occur, the entire house is impacted. Roofing work is your most significant investment when it comes to your home.


Our team can help you with designing and selecting the right product for your roof. Max Roofing specializes in installing a new roof, replacing roofs, fixing leaks, and fixing storm-damaged roofs.


While your roof is arguably one of the most critical aspects of your entire home’s structure, one of the little realized, most essential elements of the roof itself is the gutter. The team at Max Roofing can help you with all of your gutters’ needs alongside new roof or stand-alone service.


We can help you with a new installation, replacement, or fixing damaged gutters.


As a homeowner, you’ve probably heard the term soffit used in roofing, but never stopped to think, what is a soffit? A soffit is a construction material that is primarily used to cover the undersides of roof overhangs. It can also be used to cover the bottoms of porch ceilings, arches, and columns to give them a finished, professional look.


Our construction professionals can repair, replace, and install soffit board and soffit panels.

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